My Wealthy Affiliate Review-Is The Shit Real

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My Wealthy Affiliate Review-Is The Shit Real?

My Wealthy Affiliate Review-Is The Shit Real? I do hope I’m not offending no one with my opening, but that’s exactly what I thought when I ran up on Wealthy Affiliate.

My wealthy affiliate review

Truthfully I’d been trying to succeed online since 2004. I’d purchased numerous Affiliate Training programme, never really learning what I really needed to learn to succeed online.

“What makes this Wealthy Affiliate shit any different?” Again excuse my language, but I’m just being real. It took me almost two years before I decided to give Wealthy Affiliate chance.

After I’d finally got into it I wanted to kick my own butt for waiting so long.

Name of Company: 

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: $0 Starter Membership

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Verdict: 12 out of 10 Stars (very legit)

Who’s it For?: Beginner’s – Expert

Reviews: Reviews by Real People

Getting into My Wealthy Affiliate Review-Is That Shit Real?

Honesty Wealthy Affiliate covers everything needed to be successful online in a detailed step-by-step walkthrough training. It’s almost like someone actually taking you by the hand guiding through each step and making sure you do it right.

  • Simple and clearly explained Getting Started Training
  • Training Courses (Simplified)
  • Over 200,000 people willing to help & support you in a community that’s dedicated to each other and helps each other succeed and get that money
  • Live & Interactive Support even early, early morning hours
  • 2 Free websites you could design and fully customize to fit your style
  • Secure State of the Art Fast Hosting
  • Excess to the Big Wig’s Free for 7 Days
  • Real Business Minded People in a Spam Free Environment

My Wealthy Affiliate review

The Secret is Out

This is what you need to get started and to make money online. (HELP!) That’s the one secret that most don’t tell you, I’m here to let you in on the secret. Nobody makes money online by themselves. You cannot succeed online by yourself.

That’s what I love best about Wealthy Affiliate when I’m stuck or can’t figure something out I always have some place to turn.

Getting Started Training

The getting started training offered by Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best out of All Affiliate Training I’ve come across including Affilorama. Wealthy Affiliate essentially takes you through.

  • Choosing the right niche
  • Building your website
  • Getting Search Engines Ranking (Traffic)
  • Earning Money through your Traffic
  • Customer Retention Strategies

My Wealthy Affiliate review

There’s No Real Pressure

There’s no real pressure you only spend a few minutes a day learning and completing simple uncomplicated task. You watch a short instructional video read the short lesson that goes along with it. Than all you have to do is implement what you’ve learned into further building your website.

Keyword Research

Using the right keywords is essential to getting ranked in search engines and getting quality traffic. No matter how many Keywords Training Courses I’ve taken in the past. I just couldn’t seem to catch on Keyword Research.

In Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research training it’s broken down in clear and precise detail. I’m not going to say I’m an expert now in choosing keywords, but I’m a whole lot further advanced in it now than I was before Wealthy Affiliate.

Choosing The Right Niche

When I first started I didn’t know anything about choosing a niche (I didn’t even know what a niche was.) What was popular and selling I thought would sell for me. Needless to say it doesn’t work like that. You have to reach search competition, be interested and believe in what you’re trying to sell, help people not just try to make money off of them.

Choose niche with in your passion with products that will enhance others life’s, solve their problems, answer their questions, or help with their needs.

Wealthy Affiliate Certification Courses

  • Building your own traffic producing website
  • Making money online course
  • Mastering Social Engagement
  • Successful Content Creation

Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the key elements to make money on the internet for life. Step-by-step walkthrough to building your high traffic website, learning how to engage people on Social Media and gain their interest in your product.

Content Creation is most important in having a successful website business. Some people write content just to get ranking in Google not for people reading it. You’ll have a much better outcome writing for your actual visitors and not for search engines.

Good relevant content will keep people interested in what you have to say and build customers trust in you and your business.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama

You can read my extensive review on Affilorama Here. Don’t get me wrong I was once a member of Affilorama and it’s a damn good Affiliate Training Program, but to me Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice hands down.

Wealthy Affiliate’s

  • Help is so easy to get any time you’re having a problem
  • Private Coaching is Available
  • You’ll be able to contact the Owners directly With your questions and concerns
  • Live Chat is Available
  • Step-by-step Detailed Training
  • 2 Free Website (Hosted)
  • $0 Free to Start
  • Keyword Research/Training
  • Affiliate Program (Commissions earned on Referrals)
  • (Highly Recommended?) Over 200,000 members myself included. I’d say Wealthy Affiliate is highly recommend


I dig real deep into Affilorama in my review as I mentioned above. As I also said above Affilorama is a damn good Affiliate Training Program, but the up sells can get very expensive very fast.

  • Affilo Theme $97
  • Affiliate Blueprint $197
  • Affilojet Pack $997

That’s not it either you’ll also be required to pay $67 a month membership fee. Trust me you’ll end up paying $2,000 in your first year with Affilorama.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to start.  You get 7 day’s to try the system for free. Than you’ll get your first month for $19 (price subject to change) than $47 monthly. You’ll also get the option to pay $359 yearly. It clearly doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure this one out. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the better choice.


Yes, I may seem a little bias in My Wealthy Affiliate Review-Is The Shit Real, it’s because I am. Like I’d mentioned at the start of my review I’ve been trying to make money online since 2004. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned a lot along the way, but until now. I’ve never known how to put it all together.

So to answer the question in the title of my review. My Wealthy Affiliate Review-Is The Shit Real. The answer is YES the shit is very real. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, but you don’t have to believe me. It cost you nothing ($0) just to check it out for yourself.

My wealthy Affiliate review

Questions and Comments:

I do hope that My Wealthy Affiliate Review-Is The Shit Real? Has been informative in helping you make the right the decision about choosing Wealthy Affiliate. It has my goal to be as real as I could possibly be in writing My Wealthy Affiliate-Is The shit Real. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with the language that I chose to use in My Wealthy Affiliate Review-Is The Shit Real. I wasn’t trying to offend nobody.

Please leave any questions, concerns, or comments below and I’ll try to respond as best I could thanks for taking out the time to read my review.


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Basic Marketing Strategies For Online Business

Basic Marketing Strategies For Online Business Success

If you’re seeking a few basic marketing strategies for online business. That’s good, because that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you today.

Marketing strategies for online business success

First let’s discuss a few basic steps that you can take to promote your business successfully through Social Media. Rather you’re aware it or not Social Media is one of if not the Best Marketing Tools you can have at your disposal.

Millions and millions of people are on social media at any given time of the day. Consuming information, checking out the latest news, and gossip, finding out what’s Trending, or Trending themselves.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Basic marketing strategies for online business


Instagram Marketing

Instagram can be a very effective marketing tool if you implement the following steps:

  • Build your ads to exactly match what you’re marketing. Make sure ads compliment and support your companies brand. Be sure to add a naturally written, clear, and concise, Call To Action
  • Make sure you use clear images that are eye catching and compliments your campaign. Well cropped images with unusual angles usually capture people’s interest the most
  • Always use Hash Tag’s. If you’re unsure what Hash Tag’s are they are the keywords that people put at end of their post with the # in front of it. Hash Tag’s are not only expressive, but they also help people sort out content according to their interest. You may most commonly see Hash Tags on Twitter, but they can be just as useful on other social media sites as well


Facebook Marketing Strategies For Online Business

Basic marketing strategies for online business

Facebook Marketing


Facebook is so big. I mean Facebook is so big that everybody and their grandmama got a page.

123 Billion Users or more (real people) be on Facebook everyday. People from all around the world and half or more of those people are on Facebook book, because of it’s marketing potential. You’ll able to market your brand or business through Facebook Groups and Page’s.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are very similar to your profile page. The difference is unlike your profile page which is about you. Facebook Pages are usually created to promote and Brand or Organization.

Users are able to see and “Like” your page. After Liking your page they’ll receive automatic updates of your postings on their downline.

Unfortunately they are some good and bad advantages to having a Facebook Page.

  • Advantage- Facebook Pages are free and easy to set up and it does have the potential to gain you lot’s of exposure for your online business.
  • Disadvatages to having a Facebook Page- Speaking from personal experience and overall fact. It can be very difficult to gain a solid fan base on Facebook. It’s hard to capture people’s interest and get them interested in your online business. Most won’t take action even if you’re lucky enough to get them to your page.

Basic marketing strategies

Facebook’s Paid Ad’s

You can create targeted ad’s on Facebook’s paid advertising platform. This allows you to target potential customers by specific geographic areas, age’s, educational levels, and even the different types of devices people are using to browse your website. The Disadvantage is running campaign ad’s on Facebook can become very expensive.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups may put you in the mind of Forums. They are actually very similar except for the fact that Facebook Groups have many more features. You can join groups related to your business, brand, or interest. It’s the greatest way to meet, network, and promote your business. Don’t post more than 50 times a day to groups or you’ll be penalized.

Twitter Marketing

Marketing for online business


Twitter Marketing starts right from the registration. When signing up for account on Social Media most of us use our real name or some catchy name we’ve come of with.

Well that’s not the right way to do it when promoting your business. Use your business or brand name in the First and Last Name spaces on Twitters registration. That way your Twitter account will be in your business or brands name and not your own. Giving your Twitter’s company page more credibility in the search engines.

Use keywords related to your business in the description of your profile. You’ll have to be on point with your post remember you’re on credited a few characters to express yourself. Use keywords that are popular and related to your business or brand. If you own a business that serves locally. Include your location in your Twitter description as well.

Always use good eye catching images and always respond to your messages. It’s a great way to meet others and network.

Marketing Your Business Via Classified Ad’s

Basic marketing strategies for your online business


Although I’ve never been real successful with them Classified Websites can be a very good way to market your business or brand. Here’s a small list of good classified website’s that you can start marketing on.


You can post for free on Classifiedads.com to sell Cars, Real Estate, Your own Personal Items, or Your Affiliate Products. Posting in the job section usually get the best response.


Receives close to a million or more in visitors daily with just as many ad views. If you’re promoting a good product or service this would be a great way to gain exposure.

Global-Free Classified Ads 

Global-Free Classifieds is another awesome high traffic classified website that’s free to join and post ad’s. Hundreds of Buyers and Seller’s actively on this popular site every day world wide.


I do hope that these basic marketing strategies for online business help you with your online business. Finding the best ways to market your product or brand can be hard. Selling things online will require you to do some marketing and I hope I’ve given some great insight into the few different ways you could market your business online successfully.

Questions and Comments:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to ask or discuss them below. Also if you have a few helpful tips that you want to share on basic marketing strategies for online business please also feel free to share below.

















Looking for Ways To Avoid Online Scams?

Being Aware of ways you can avoid online scams can save you

Knowing ways to avoid online scams can save you a lot of money, heart ach, Ways to avoid online scamsand stress. While there’s lot’s of extremely good opportunities out there offered by legitimate people and companies to choose from. There’s just as many companies and individuals out there looking to take advantage of you.

Here’s A Few Simple Ways To Avoid Online Scams

Always in full consideration of your source of information. (Where did you hear about the product?) Is the information coming from a legitimate source?

Pay attention to the information offered in the ad as well as how it’s presented to you. Legitimate companies love to brag about themselves and how well their products or services can enhance your life. In which case a lot of times the company will take out a full ad and fill it will much information as possible to convince you to buy

Some online companies may not be listed and it doesn’t mean there not legit. It’s always good idea to check the companies rating with the Better Business Borough (BBB). If they give the company a good rating you’ll know it’s a company to deal with


Avoid Get Rich Schemes

Ways to avoid online scams

Get rich schemes never work their just people selling you a dream and taking your hard earned money. If you’re like me you work way to hard to be just giving your money away. It takes time, dedication, and effort,  to make it online. It usually doesn’t happen over night

Multi-Level Marketing Scams

Ways to avoid scams





Even though very few are successful (Amway) I remember when I was young, my father thought that he was going to get rich through Amway (He’s not rich yet.)

Most MLM companies don’t work because they base their entire focus on recruiting more people into the business. They focus less on selling actual products. This is seen by the Federal Trade Commission as Fraud. So you could not only lose your money, but your freedom too with this one.

Some Earn Money At Home Data Entry Job’s

Avoid scams





Don’t get me wrong they are a few good Data Entry Job’s offered by reputable companies, but they are also a lot of scams out there as well. Most Data Entry scammers promise you access to a list of companies that you could work for doing small task. Such as Filling out Form’s Online, advertising, using just a few lines of text, advertising to your social media channels.

Most of these Data Entry Job’s require you to pay $100 fee to gain access to the list and other materials they may swear you need. The list is worthless you won’t get real access to people looking for those job’s filled (If such a list exit). It’s basically a complete waste of time and money

Envelope Stuffing

Envelope stuffing





I’ve actually almost tried this one before. The only thing that held me back was the fee. I think they wanted close to a $100 or maybe a little more (I wasn’t paying that.) This is actually one of the oldest scams in the book. You pay a fee to lick envelopes for $1 to $10 an envelope stuffed and licked (ill). Don’t waste your time after you pay the money you never get the kit. Plus most business have mail rooms for that sort of thing.

Pyramid Schemes

Ways to avoid online scams





Watch out closely for these. Pyramid schemes can be cleverly disguised in so many ways. Basically you buy yourself into a scheme giving you the license to scheme others. Sure you’ll get a cut from whomever you bring in, but as soon as people realize that what you’re selling is (BS) they are going to want out. The pyramid collapses the one at the top get paid and you lose out.

Assembly Work

Ways to avoid online scams









At one time I’ve actually thought about trying this one too. I’m so glad I didn’t waste my money. With this Assembly Work Scam you’re supposed to get paid for assembling crafts. The kit’s that are required to do the job usually run you around $500 or more. After paying for this Assembly Kit chances are you may never get it or you’ll end up with a worthless box of junk with no one to sell it to. (Assed out once again)

Nigerian Scams






I hate to admit it, but I fell for this one too. (Damn Honesty) This is actually one I wished that I could carry to grave, but in honesty is was an easy mistake. Anyone could have falling for this one as a matter of fact many others did.  I was just starting out online and I didn’t know much, I’m a fashion lover. I love women’s fashion so I thought I’d start an online store selling women’s fashion.

I wasn’t doing well I couldn’t get ranked in the search engines. I didn’t know how and everything I was learning about Keywords was just confusing me more. I wasn’t making no money and struggling to make my monthly payments to keep my website up and running.

Than one fine glorious day, I got this email. A store owner from Nigeria was opening a store in Nigeria and wanted to purchase $8,000.00 in women’s shoes. Goes without saying, “yes, my broke ass was hayppy as hell!!!” I was even happier when the check actually came, and I was happy as a MF when my bank actually cashed the check (without a hold) and put the $8000 in my hand.

I filled the order and shipped it. I also sent the balance that was due to him after fulfilling the order shipping fees, and of course my earning. I think I sent him something in the ball park of $3000.

You know broke people with an unexpected come up. I think I made a a little over $3000 out of the deal.

shopping Spree/Party Time

Yes, I went out and bought anything I thought I wanted. I was buying for people in my family, my friends, hell I even bought something for my neighbor’s. (Happy Happy Joy Joy) Until three days later when my bank called to inform me that I’d

Ways to avoid online scams

CASHED A FRAUDULENT CHECK. I damn near fainted I just knew this shit couldn’t be real.  Needless to say my bank wanted their whole $8000 back. I was down to my last few hundred dollars. That money was spent and I was beyond scared. I just knew I was going jail.

I menaged to get up $2000 after taking everything that I’d splurged on when I first got the money back to the store. Plus surprising I back the entire shipment of shoes that I’d sent to the business owner in Nigeria.

I was able to return some and sell the rest at a Flea Market for far less than what I paid for them of course. i had to work out payment plan to repay my bank. Not a situation you want to get caught up in.

Your Computer Is Being Held Hostage For Ransom

Ways to avoid online scams






They got me on this one too.

(I guess by now you think I’m just mindless. 🙂 )

Now you understand exactly why I’m writing Looking For Ways To Avoid Online Scams. If I’d known what to look for back then they wouldn’t have gotten me. So anyway, once again I’m just going to tell you the story from my personal experience.

I about to get on my computer and do some work when the phone rang. I answered it and the guy on the other end told me that he was calling from Microsoft Computer. He said that my computer had a virus and I would have to give them access to my computer to fix it. Yes, the entire world had just blew up.

“What does he mean I have a computer virus?”

Ways to avoid scams

Then the guy said that if I didn’t give him access to my computer that my system would be totally destroyed in the next couple of hours. I just wanted him to fix it that was my only concern. It never occurred to me that he wasn’t actually a Microsoft Tech. I give him full access to my computer after downloading some software from a website he referred me to.

Afterwards All I could do is sit back in a panic and watch this man gain access to all my files and person information. Now he threatening me. Telling me that the only way I could gain back access to my computer is to Western Union him $350.00. I was sick I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have $350.00 to send him. I was struggling, I was so scared, and I felt so stupid. I was mad at myself for falling for yet another online scam. Finally something told me to just shut off the computer and shut back on. That was something the fake Microsoft Tech kept telling me not to do. I regained access to my computer and called the cop’s. Luckily I didn’t pay my bill’s online, but if I did this scammer could have gained access to all of my finance’s. Very Scary!

The Girl Of Your Dreams Scam

Ways to avoid online scams




I didn’t even know this one existed until doing my research for this blog post. “The Girl Of Your Dreams Scam.” Now this one is just damn cruel. So you meet this girl online in some dating site. Y’all hut it off right away, chatting everyday, talking on the phone. Next thing you know you’ve fallen in deep and she is pretending she has too. Everything is great, but there’s only one problem she lives across the world.

She has your mind crazy telling you about the things she’d do to you if she were closer. You could almost feel her touch. You can’t get the time off from work so she comes up With the brilliant idea of you sending for her. Even though you can’t afford it you dip into your savings and send her the money to come to see you. Never to hear from her again leaving you  broke and heart broken.


Avoid online scams





I wrote Looking For Ways To Avoid Online Scams to help good people make the right decisions when spending their money. Trust me I know how hard money is to come by these days and nobody has none to just throw away. Getting scammer isn’t as hard as you think it is.

I think I’m pretty smart and as you could see from my personal stories in this blog I’ve been scammed quite a bit. Falling for online scams isn’t hard if you’re not careful you can be had.

Questions and Comments


If you have any questions or comments on Looking For Ways To Avoid Online Scams please feel free to leave them below. If you know of some new clever scams going around that we should be careful of. Please share them here on Looking For Ways To Avoid Online Scams.

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How To Earn Money At Home With Ease

How To Earn Money At Home With Ease? It’s Simpler Than You May Think

So How To Earn Money At Home With Ease? Well actually there are so many ways that I’ll never be able to fit them all in this blog post. No need to 

How to earn money at home with easeworry I will list a few very lucrative ways you could make money from home.

Earn Money By Becoming A Certified Coach

You can set your own hours see clients at their home or yours. Get all the training you need on following coaching field’s:

  • Relationship Coaching
  • Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Law of Attraction
  • Health Coaching
  • Archetype/goddess Coaching
  • Beliefs Coaching
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Action, Motivation, Vision Coaching and so much more

Jeaninne Yoder is a world renounced coach. She’s known as the Coach’s Coach. Most of training programs are catered to women. You’ll receive sisterhood and support, coaching and business resources. You’ll also get rituals to keep you grounded.

How to earn money at home
Jennine Yoder

You can find out more about Jennine Yoder and the Coaching Courses she offers by visiting her Website Here

Get Paid To Draw

There’s a high demand for pictures, drawings, and all sorts of images. Business owners on and offline are paying top dollar for pics.

You don’t even have to be a professional photographer or artist to earn money taking pictures or drawing.

Companies will by the rights to your pics you can take pictures of your:

  • Pet’s
  • Tree’s
  • Flowers
  • Beautiful Landscaping
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Art
  • Building’s
  • Sky Scrapers

How to earn money at home

The list goes on and on and the potential amount of money that you can earn from your drawings is ridiculous. I didn’t mention that you don’t have to be a professional photographer or artist to participate in this.

You literally don’t have to know how to draw to get paid by these companies. For more information on how you can get paid for your drawings visit their website Here.

Real Writing Job’s

How to make money at home

You can earn a substantial amount of income writing from home. You can get paid to write:

  • Get paid to write Articles
  • Get paid to write short stories
  • Edit Books & Movies (Be the one that makes them better)
  • Earn Money for Writing Blog Posts

Find out about these Real Writing Job’s. Plus a host of available writing job’s that you could do from home. Visit Real Writing Job’s Website Here

Take Surveys from Home and Earn Money

How to earn money at home with ease


Believe it or not people are getting paid very lucratively for their opinion. Now who doesn’t have an opinion? “Right, right” we all have one. Some of us are extremely opinionated. (Guilty as charged) I can be very opinionated sometimes.

You might as well put your opinions to good use and make that money. Here are a few very good survey site’s to get you started.

  • Gold Opinions-Get Paid for 10-15 minute surveys, 30 per hour for participating in Focus Groups and Panels, $15-$30 per hour participating in 35-45 minute surveys, plus $50 per hour for Premium Surveys
  • Take Surveys For CashCreated by Jason White. Jason White is known as the King of Paid Surveys. He’s sharing his secrets to getting access to thousands of paid Surveys. Some surveys are worth $500 and up
  • Click 4 Cash-You could really eare up to $150 a survey with Click 4 Cash. They’re hooked up with some of the best businesses available to bring you best surveys available

Get Paid For Taking Pictures

I mentioned above that you could get paid from your drawings. Well if you can’t draw to save your life you’re in luck. People are actually earning a ton of pony, by just selling the copywrites  to your photographs.

  • Set your own hours
  • Work when and where you want to
  • Earn from $1 to $125 per photo
  • Get access to thousands of Print jobs that you can sell your images to
  • No experience Necessary

You can make some good money this way. Taking pictures is a fun way to express yourself and your creativity. To find out more visit Get Paid For Pictures Here

Make and Sell Beat’s

Always creating beats in your head? Explore your creative talents and learn how to make your own beat’s and sell them online for profits.

To find out more about making professional style beat’s Visit BTV Beats Here. You can market your beat’s on YouTube, and through other online channels.

Open Your Own Online Store

How to earn money at home with ease

You can open up your own store and start selling stuff on Shopify. You could start by selling your old or unused things and progress from there.

Don’t have anything personally to sell? That’s not a problem either. I know the perfect solution. Salehoo is a drop ship distributer with a host of verified supplier’s. You’ll have access to over 8,000 products in a verity of  different niche.

You’ll be able to sell products like Skin Care, Health & Beauty, Clothing & Accessories, Shoe’s, Electronics, Indoor & Outdoor, and the list continues.

Salehoo is one if not the best Drop Shipping Distribution’s that I’ve dealt with. You can read my extensive review on Salehoo Here. You can also find out more about Shopify and how you could get your 14 Day Free Facebook Store Here


How To Earn Money At Home With Ease

I’ve saved the best for last, it’s nothing like a good desert after a good meal. How To Make Money At Home With Ease?


Affiliate Marketing is one of if not the best way that you can earn money at home ease what is Affiliate Marketing? It’s simply referring other people’s products for a cut of the profit.

Let’s say your friend Brenda has really bad ache and you know where she can find the perfect solution for ache problem. All you have to do is tell Brenda where she can find the product online via your Affiliate Link. If Brenda decides to purchase that product using your Affiliate Link than you make a profit.

Now take that same concept and imagine it on a grand scale. Millions of people get online everyday searching for products or solutions for their problems. Truthfully that’s what keeps search engines and social media so popular. It’s key sources of information and resources.

People are online searching for answers or solutions everyday, what if you could be the one to provide those answers or solutions. Can you imagine how much money you can make simply by helping others with their problems and concerns?

How Do You Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?

Well I’m not an expert in Affiliate Marketing actually I’m learning everyday. Don’t get me wrong I could teach you some things, but I’d rather refer you to the experts so you could get that real legit training.

Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate

Both are very good Affiliate Training Programs, but if you ask me Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best choice.

Affilorama Training Program

  • Tutorials
  • Task
  • Homework
  • Upsales for training and other materials can get expensive

Wealthy Affiliate

  • Getting Started Training (Very Simplified)
  • Video Training
  • Classroom Training & Courses
  • Access to 1000,000 in a Community of Help & Support
  • 13 + Full Interactive Classrooms
  • Live & Interactive Professional Help
  • 2 Free secure and Hosted Websites
  • Best part it’s free to start

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing and how to be successful in Online Business. You can read my extensive review on Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate. Choose which you best for you. As I said both are pretty damn good, but hands down to me Wealthy Affiliate is the best.


How To Earn money At Home With Ease? The list is truly endless especially with all the online possibilities. I’ve only covered a few in my post How To Make Money At Home With Ease. I do hope these great ideas to earn money from home leads you in the right direction to earning a real lucrative income stream from home.

Comments Questions or Concerns:

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about How To Earn Money At Home please leave them in the comments section below.

Know of any really lucrative ways you can earn money at home please feel free to share them below.

Online post legitimate opportunities please. I’m into helping others make money not scamming them out of money. If I deemed your post a scam or spam your comments will be removed.

Once again I do hope that How To Earn Money At Home has given you some great ideas in making money from home. Now that you know How You Can Make Money At Home get started now trust me there’s nothing better than earning a living from the comfort of your own home.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed How To Earn Money At Home With Ease and come back to read some more of my blog. Thanks taking the time out to visit my blog and reading How To Earn Money At Home.

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Affilorama Review-Is It Worth It?

My Affilorama Review-Is It Worth It? Let’s Dig Into It

Taking you a little deeper into Affilorama with my Affilorama Review. Is Affilorama worth it? I’d say yes. “Yes, Affilorama is worth it”, stay with me and allow me to explain why.

Affilorama review

Are you wondering what Affilorama is? I’m sure you’ve probably heard the name before, they are pretty popular. Affilorama is an Online Affiliate Training Course.

Let’s Dig A Little Deeper In

  • Ton’s and Ton’s of videos equalling hundreds of hours of training
  • Lessons and written material
  • Task that has to be completed before moving on to the next lesson

Affilorama was created by Mark Ling in 2005. Mark Ling a well-known Entrepreneur and the creator of “Jamorama


Affilorama review
                    Mark Ling

Digging a little deeper into Affilorama

Why is Affilorama Training so extensive? I mean hours & hours of videos, Lessons, and Task. Do they not know that we’re in the age of point and click. We are now use to everything happening so quickly, we all have a touch of (ADHD). Our attention span is very short these days. Don’t nothing hold our attention long.

Well I’m sure that Mr. Ling was well aware of this fat before he created Affilorama. His aim is though is to guide you step-by-step into creating your own successful business. If you know anything about anything, nothing that is truly done right is done fast. Building success takes work and time.

Now Let’s Dig Into The Pro’s & Con’s of Affilorama


  • You can actually sign up for free check out Affilorama Training Course for free. (Yes, you will get a little pique into the system)
  • Seriously Affilorama isn’t like some of those other shitty-watered down courses that just teach you so much to keep you hanging on just to get your money, but you never really learn anything.
  • With Affilorama you’re not feeling like you’re left stranded on the road. You’ll get all the help, support, and feedback, you need. From a professional support as well as the Affilorama Community. Mark Ling also helps you out as best he can. (You know he’s not robotic he just can’t be there for everyone.)
  • Affilorama’s Paid Membership offers you all tools, training, hosting, and a website builder. Everything you need to create a successful business.


  • Be aware that some of the information offered in Mark Ling’s Course is a little outdated. (Example: Linking and posting private label rights content on your website.)
  • Trying to figure out which membership to start with can be confusing. There’s a few up sells and different level memberships.
  • Although I’m sure he would if he could, but Mark Ling can’t help and be there for everyone so a lot of your questions and concerns may be met by professional staff member or your free to ask someone in the Community.

Digging Deeper Into Affilorama’s Free Membership

Digging our shovel a little deeper into what you get for free. I wasn’t actually honest with you earlier 🙂 You actually get a little more than just a pique into the system for free. You get a lot more than that. You will get access to 20 hours of training and you’ll learn how to build a website. Both are very essential information you need to know to succeed online. You will learn the basics, but that’s only just enough to get you started.

Affilorama review

Paid Vs Premium Affilorama Memberships 

So what’s the difference between Affilorama Free vs Paid Memberships? Well obviously you will get more features with the paid membership. The core difference is the training. With the Free Membership you’ll only have access to 20 hours of training. That’s good but you’re only getting part of the meal. You’re missing the meat and if you’re not a Vegetarian (No disrespect) than you know a meal isn’t a meal without the meat.

Premium membership gives you hundreds of hours of training, hosting, and a website builder.

So is Affilorama Worth It? That is the question and the basis behind my Affilorama Review

Well let’s dig a little deeper; I promise we’re going to hit bottom very soon.

Affilorama Review

This Feature is really not needed and not necessarily. You really don’t need all the squeeze pages, opt-in forms, templates, affiliate link cloaking, and the pop over generator.

Don’t get me wrong all of these are good to have, you really don’t need them. Especially for the priced that’s attached to it.

Affilo Blue Print

Affilorama review

Now that we’re almost hitting bottom let’s explore Affilo Blue Print this feature is worth having now we’re getting to the meat. A collection of hundreds and hundreds of hours of video training and aids.

  • Website Building
  • Content Writing (Good high ranking content)
  • Tutorials
  • Task
  • Homework

   So are you ready to

Affilorama Review

Not ready yet? Oh I see you want to know a little bit more before making an intelligent decision. No problem we’ll just keep digging.

To fully unlock all of Affilorama’s feature’s and enjoy all of its benefits it’ll cost you $197. So to answer the ultimate question at hand and basis behind my Affilorama Review. “No!” Personally I don’t think Affilorama is worth it. I mean it’s a damn good Affiliate Training Program don’t get me wrong, but I know one that’s even BETTER.

Consumer God'sWealthy Affiliate is a also an Affiliate Training Program. In my opinion it’s a much better choice. 

Wealthy Affiliate was crSupporty Kyle and Carson in 2005. Here’s a run down of what you’ll receive with Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Detailed Getting Started Training (Very Simplified)
  • Video Training
  • Classroom Training & Courses
  • Access to 1000,000 in a Community of Help & Support
  • 13 + Full Interactive Classrooms
  • Live & Interactive Professional Help
  • 2 Free secure and Hosted Websites
  • Best part it’s free to start

You can stay at free member level, but if you want to really take advantage of the system. Learn and build a successful business you’ll need to upgrade $47 monthly. I wouldn’t be personally endorsing it if it didn’t work, I’ve used a lot of Affiliate Training Programs, but this to me, is by far the best.

Affilorama Review

I know this is my Affilorama Review, I’m sorry I’d gotten a little of course there for a minute.

Affilojet Pack.

Affilojet pack Affilorama offers this option for those that don’t have time to spend on hours and hours of training, but do want to start a business online.

80% of the work is done for you with Affilojet Pack, but you will be required to contribute 20% of your time into your business if you want it to work. I personally wouldn’t choose this option. It’s not really hand’s on and you’re not personally learning anything about building an online business. That will only lead you to short term success.

Affilojet Pack is quite expensive $497 and that’s not all you’ll have to purchase your own Domain’s at a cost of $10 per year. Plus you’ll also be required to pay for your Auto Responder at a cost of $20 per month. Although expensive this is a real good option for those that want to get into business online, but have time to invest, and build one themselves.


Affilorama is worth it is does help you to build a successful online business. It’s training program is extensive, but it does work. As mentioned above Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice in Affiliate Training Programs. Plus you can get started right now for $0.

I hope this Affilorama Review help’s you better understand what Affilorama is about. I wrote this Affilorama Review to assist you in making a wise decision. Actually that’s the goal of our website to help you make wiser and better inform decisions when purchasing online. Wish to join Affilorama?

Affilorama Review


Questions and Comments:

If you have any comments or questions about my Affilorama Review please leave them in the comment section below. I will try to answer all questions to the best of my knowledge and I always welcome your comments.


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How To Make Money At Home For Life

How to Make Money At Home For Life? Do You Really Want To Know

If you’ve answered yes, I’m here to show you How To Make Money At Home For Life.

How to make money At Home

Make Money Online From Home

  • No MLM Scams
  • No Automated Make Scams
  • No Survey Taking Scams
  • No Get Rich Quick Scams

If that’s what you’re looking for than sorry you’ve come to the wrong blog. I’m only here to share legitimate ways to earn income online.

Work & Dedication

That’s what it really takes to make money online, so forget all that you’ve hard and let’s get down to real sh*t.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a real way that you could earn a lucrative and residual income for life. What is Affiliate Marketing? Well that’s simple. It’s the promotion of other people’s products. When a sell is made directly through your affiliate link you earn a commission.

  • No need to have or create your own product
  • Never have to worry about running out of inventory
  • Never have to worry about having to much stock

You can actually make a fortune selling other people’s products. How you ask? Through selling Affiliate Products. For just about any issue, problem, situation, a person has today there’s an Affiliate Product for.

  • Diet and weight loss
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Clothing
  • Health & beauty Shoes and Accessories

 The list goes on and on. For just about any you’re interested in selling from Dating to Dog Training programs. There’s a product for you to sell.

Helping People and Not Just Trying to Make Money

Of course the ultimate goal is to make money for your business, but that shouldn’t be your main focus or concentration. The reason I’ve failed for years when I first started in affiliate marketing and I’m sure it’s the reason most others fail as well.

Concentrating on People not Money

People have need’s and or problems their looking for solutions for. That’s why most turn to search engines and Social Media. Besides trying to find out “What’s Trending and The Latest Gossip on Celebrates and the Rest of the World.” It’s to find answers and solutions to their need’s or problems. Being their to help and providing the right solutions for people problems is how you make money on the internet for life.

How to make money at home

Defining Your Target Audience 

Break your targeted audience down into specific demographics to target:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income Level
  • Educational Status
  • Marital or Family Status
  • Occupation
  • Ethnic Background

Why is this so it important? This is the model used by many businesses when it comes to defining their target market. It assist them in knowing who their targeted market is. Are they Senior Citizens, Middle Class, Immigrants, Soccer Moms, Entrepreneurs? The better you know your target audience the better you’ll be able to serve them.

  • Personality
  • Behavior
  • Attitudes
  • Values
  • Lifestyles
  • Interest/Hobbies

Knowing your targeted audiences Psychologies can be very helpful as well. As I mentioned earlier you can easily find out these things by jumping on Social Media and paying attention to people.

Giving Empathy To People

If you’re like me you probably have 500 or more Friends on your Facebook page and probably 1000 Follows or more on Twitter. Can you honestly tell me one thing that you know about them? (Of course socialfriends and family excluded.) Probably not.

Being social getting to know the people that you’re friends with on Facebook and Twitter. Listening to your friends and follows problems and being empathetic can build trust. Building TRUST and HELPING people are two key customer retention strategies for any business.

Choosing the Right Product and Niche

Now that you’ve taken out the time to get to know Tom & Sally. You know that Tom is suffering from hair loss, but he’s of those Men that refuses to cut off his ponytail. Even though it’s now starting from the center of his head.

Tony desperately wants a good solution to his hair loss. You being an Affiliate of Share A Sale or Commission Junction. (CJ.com) (Further Details Below) you have access to the perfect Hair Growth Solution. Now all you have to do is tell Tom about it and share with him your Affiliate Link. If Tom decides to buy that hair loss product through the link you gave him you’ll earn a commission.

Same thing with Sally she can she’s lost a lot of weight, but still can’t seem to lose the stubborn belly fat that plague’s her. Now you’re like “Super Man” to the rescue, because you know the perfect product for Sally to lose that stubborn body fat. All you have to do is tell her about it and share your affiliate link with her. Yes, it’s that easy.

Clickbank, Share A Sale, Commission Junction (CJ.com), Sellhealth

Most people starting out in Affiliate Marketing choose Clickbank. Clickbank specializes in promoting Digital Products. This is great because, immediately after purchase your customers have access to their product. No waiting for shipping.

How to make money on the internet for life


Clickbank has currently over 46,000 products available in the following niche.

  • Art & Entertainment
  • Betting Systems
  • E-business/Marketing
  • Employment/Jobs
  • Health & Fitness
  • Self-help
  • Sports
  • Travel

Clickbank is free to join and as an Affiliate you’ll get access to over 46,000 products and all the tool’s needed to promote products. visit Clickbank Here

Affiliate Network

Share A Sale has been around for 16 years or more and they represent some of the Best Brands in Retail. Here’s a small list of niche offered through Share A Sale

  • Clothing (Men, Women, & Children)
  • Shoes & Accessories (Men, Women, & Children)
  • Home & Garden
  • Health & Beauty
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Furniture
  • Indoor & Outdoor Appliances

The list goes on, the possibilities are endless. Share A Sale is free to join and become an Affiliate. Banners, Tool’s, and everything else needed to promote their products successfully is available. Visit Share A Sale Here

How to make money online life

Commission Junction (CJ.com) 

 Commission Junction is a great Affiliate Network that has been around for a very decent number of years. CJ promotes products in the following niche:

  • Airline
  • Arts & Music
  • Banking
  • Buy & Sell
  • Construction
  • Department Store
  • Entertainment
  • Employment
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Insurance

Again the list goes on Commission Junction is free to join and you’ll have access to everything needed to promote their products available to you. Visit CJ.com Here

How to make money on the internet for life

Sellhealth sells Health Products. Sellhealth is the #1 Sexual Health Affiliate Program in the world. There products range from:

  • Hair loss
  • Digestive Health
  • Diet Systems
  • Penis Enlargement Systems
  • Female Sexual Health Products
  • Anti-aging Products
  • Stretch Mark Products
  • Skin Care Products

I could go own and on with this list as well, but I’m sure you get the idea. Sellhealth is also free to join with a lot of great products to sell your website, blog, or Shopify Store. Visit Sellhealth Here


Getting to know the people and their need and interest on your Social Media Networks can a very good income. This how you make money on the internet for life. Helping people and not just looking at as a $1.50. Joining the right affiliate programs and recommending the right products at the right time with have you laughing all the way to the bank.

Questions and Comments

Please leave all of your questions and comments on how to make money at home for life in the comments section. I do hope that How To Make Money At Home For Life was helping in giving you a little added information on Affiliate Marketing and how it can really have you making money At Home for life.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about the affiliate programs that I recommended I will do my best to answer all questions. This is truly how you could make money At Home for life.

Please look for my other blog reviews in the future. I will be doing other blog Post like  How to Make Money At Home for Life. I want to be as helpful as I can in helping you choose the right way to making money online. How to Make Money At Home for Life? Finding out what people needs are and how best to help them, by recommending the best product to fit their needs.


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My Shopify Review 2016

My Shopify Review 2016 Giving You The Real Deal on Shopify

I wanted to do a Shopify Review to give you a little more insight into Shopify and what they have to offer.

Shopify review

What is Shopify?

 Well basically Shopify is a web application that enables you to build your own online store with a few great benefits.

They provide you with beautifully designed templates that you’ll be able to customize to fit your individual needs. Branding requirements your way.

Physical or Digital Products

Shopify is one of the few online store platforms that gives you the option to sell Physical or Digital Products from your store. Which is a fabulous option.

Shopify really wants to provide you with everything you need to create and run your online store successfully. According to Shopify they are now hosting over 200,000 Stores. 

Shopify’s Pricing Break Down

  • Shopify Lite is $9 per month
  • Shopify Basic is $29 per month
  • Shopify Advanced is $299 per month
  • Shopify Plus (Negotionable)

Believe it or not Shopify is one of the better and cheapest ecommerce solutions available. They make it easy for you to start selling things online today. Shopify Lite is the cheapest one for $9 monthly it allows you to sell an unlimited amount of products, but doesn’t allow you to create a fully functional storefront, but you’re able to sell on Facebook.

You’ll have full access to Shopify’s Buy Button which will allow you to sell goods on your existing Blog or Website.

Let’s discuss the Buy Button a little more. Shopify’s Buy Button works a whole lot similar to Pay Pal’s Buy Button. Shopify’s Buy Button is a little more sophisticated in regards to ordering tracking and fulfillment options than Pay Pal.

Another Great Resource of The Buy Button- you’ll be able to implement the buy button in your existing Blog or Website preventing you from having to start all over from scratch.

Shopify Plan’s 

With Shopify’s different level plan’s you can create a small online storefront or an online mall.

  • Basic Shopify Plan $29 per month
  • Shopify Plus $79 per month
  • Advanced $299 per month

All these options will allow you to you to run a fully functional store with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Features with Shopify $79 per month plan’s and up

  • Gift Cards (A real customer attention grabber). Being able to offer your customers great savings through gift cards are a great customer retention strategy.
  • Shopify Advance is Shopify’s most expensive plan, but with it you get real time Carrier Shipping. (A Fantastic Option)

Shopify Transaction Fees and Payment Gateway

You can except payments by credit card if their payment gateway services your location. Shopify offers it’s own payment system through Stripe. If you use Stripe you won’t recrue any Transaction Fees. Catch is though (isn’t there always a catch?) You still can expect to pay a rate between 1.6% to 2.2% on all credit card transactions, depending on your plan.

Using a Third Party Payment Gateway

There’s a lot of payment gateway’s out there to choose from. If you decide to use a third party gateway it would first have to be configured to work with Shopify. Set up fees and transaction fees may occur with that merchant and they may be associated fees through Shopify as well.

Basically it’s much cheaper to use the Payment Gateway Shopify offers. I have to mention that you can only use Stripe (Shopify’s Payment Gateway) if you’re in the following Countries. US, Australia, and the UK if you’re not in or selling in  one of these Countries you with have to use an outside source.

Shopify THEMES

My Shopify review 2016

You’ll get 12 Free Templates or Theme’s with Shopify each comes in two or three variations of the theme so you’ll actually end up with 25 fully functional, beautifully designed themes. You also have the option of choosing from some of their more advanced paid themes. You’ll be able to browse all these themes by category and choose the one that fits your need’s.

Shopify’s Key Features

As I mentioned above Features vary depending on which Shopify plan you choose. All plan’s ranging from the $29 per month plan and up include:

  • The option to sell Digital Products in any niche you choose
  • A host of beautifully designed themes to choose from
  • The ability to except credit cards via Stripe or your chosen Gateway
  • Integration with PayPal
  • The ability to incorporate Buy Buttons on your website or blog
  • Import/Export customer data and content management
  • Search Engine Ability, SEO optimization, and the ability to add targeted keywords to your product pages
  • Mail Chimp Integration
  • Point of Sale Integration (look for more information on this below)
  • The ability to create multiple staff accounts
  • The ability to edit HTML and CSS when needed

Shopify’s Advanced and Most Expensive Plan Features

  • Gift Cards
  • Better detailed reports
  • The ability to catch your customers after they’ve almost made a purchase. Giving you that last ditch effort to make that sale. (Abandon Cart Function) You may want to use a discount code at this point
  • Advanced Report Billing
  • Real-time Carrier Shipping

My shopify review 2016

Point Of Sale Application

I’d be serving you a great injustice not mentioning this key feature. Shopify’s Point of Sale Application allows you to except payments online as well as at a physical location. There (POS) strands out above it’s competition. You can except payments anywhere as long as you have a (IOS or Android Device.) You’ll receive a full Point of Sale kit which will include your card reader, barcode scanner, cash drawer, and receipt printer. You can get any of these items in a full package or individually.

Several applications are included in Shopify’s Point of sale Tool’s. For example you can sell from a Kiosk, Pop-up Store, Shop, Event, Street Corner, Out let Mall, etc.

Note: if you choose to use this option with a number of Staff Members can become quite expensive.

Shopify’s Easy to Use User Interface

Shopify’s interface is user friendly, clean, and modern. They make editing the design of your store and adding products to your store very simple. There are two significant problems with it though.


Shopify doesn’t use a drag and drop or Parent Folder which would make it easier to create a link list and handles. Instead it take a little longer, take a little more effort, and a little more time.

Product Images

Uploading images can be quite annoying. If you upload images with different size ratios Shopify doesn’t offer any Software to crop these images. You will end up with different size images and it may not work with your chosen store theme. You’ll have to use  photo Editor software to make sure all your images are the same size.

Shopify’s App Store

Shopify offers a host of different apps that can enhance the functionality of your store. (Paid and Free Apps) These are some examples:

  • Advanced Reporting Apps
  • Abandoned Cart Server Apps (catch them undecided customers)
  • Accounting Apps and Tools like Quick Books

Shopify offers even more apps and you can use third party apps as well.

Shopify Support

Shopify offers comprehensive support. You’ll be able to contact someone 24/7, by email, phone, or Live Chat. Trust me that’s a whole better than what you’ll get from it’s competitors.


  • With the Lite Plan you can get online and start selling at a low cost of just $9 monthly. (Sell on Facebook)
  • By using their payment gateway Stripe you won’t be charged transaction fees
  • Good, Clean, Easy to use Interface
  • Their Point of Sale Options far out range their competitors
  • Simple and Easy Payment Integration
  • With over 200,000 people hosting their online stores you know Shopify is a stable company that will be around for awhile
  • App (some cost) can enhance your stores functionality
  • Shopify Category Features
  • Shopify’s Buy Button can be easily integrated into your Website or Blog


  • Stripe Shopify’s Payment System is only available in the US, Canada, and the UK
  • You may be paying high transaction fees if you have to or choose to use a third party payment gateway
  • Product images aren’t automatically resized when uploaded and you’ll have to use a photo editor to make sure all of your images are the same size
  • Their cheapest plan per month (Lite Plan) doesn’t offer a fully featured store


Shopify is competively priced easy to use. Offers some great benefits and hosting solutions. You can sell physical and digital products online or on location. You can get can get started selling with your own fully functional store today. Try right now! Take advantage of their 14 Day Free Trial.

My Salehoo Review

Comments, Questions, And Concerns

I hope my shopify review 2016 has been very insightful. Please if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Shopify please leave them below. I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible in my Shopify review 2016.

My shopify Review 2016

Isn’t bias by no means I wasn’t paid by the company or no one else to write my Shopify review. This is only my true and honest on Shopify. I wrote my Shopify review to help you make an informed decision when choosing an online store platform. Once again I do hope you enjoyed My Shopify Review and it’s helpful in the making the right choice for you.
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My Salehoo Review 2016-Pros & Cons

My Salehoo Review 2016 Pro’s & Con’s

In My Salehoo Review 2016-Pros & Cons I’ll be highlighting the benefits as the disadvatages of Salehoo.

My Salehoo review

If you’re serious about selling things online and earning income Salehoo might be for you.

Take your passion for shopping and choosing nice things for people into a lucrative income.

Salehoo is a Drop Shipping Program established in 2005 by Mark King and Simon Slade. Both are from New Zealand, but their company has grown throughout the US, Australia, and Asia.

My Salehoo review 2016

With over 8000 genuine and verified Supplier’s and over 1.6 Million Products make it the eBay’s Power Seller’s turn to for the Hottest Products to sell on eBay.

Salehoo Supplier’s offer products ranging from Beauty Products, Hair Products, Clothing, Electronics, Household Good’s, Furniture, and much more. In just about any niche you want to get into selling Salehoo has a niche for.

Salehoo Supplier’s ship to over 100 Countries worldwide.

Tool’s, Education, and Training

Salehoo offers extensive training through their Video’s and Tutorials. That cover everything from Sales, Shipping, Networking, Inventory, avoiding Scams, and everything else you need to know to start and run your online store.

My Salehoo review 2016-pros & cons


1. Salehoo represents over 8000 Trusted and Verified Supplier’s. Assuring that there is a product for just about any niche you’re interested in selling in. Browsing their detailed catalog will give you lot’s of interesting products to choose from.

2. As if having tons of great products at the ready without having to keep any inventory on hand isn’t cool enough. Salehoo customer service goes above and beyond to take care of all of your needs and concerns. They offer you assistance in choosing the right niche as well as anything else you need to get started.

Fabulous Resources

Salehoo offers a host of Educational Tools and Training, Community Forums, and Full Support, The Best Supplier’s, Scam Prevention Tool’s, and help becoming a eBay Seller.


1. First visiting Salehoo website you may not be amazed. They don’t have a fancy website, their key goal isn’t to amaze you with their fancy website. They actually put more concentration into the awesome service their offering.

2. All the information provided in the training can become a bit tedious and plain boring. There goal though is to get you as well prepared as possible how to sell things online and to build your business.

About Billing

Salehoo processes all payments via Clickbank. They allow payments through Credit Cards as well as through PayPal. You must cancel your account if you wish to discontinue or you will be rebilled.

Salehoo Membership

For all that you get with being a member, the $67 membership fee is well worth it and plus you get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Your free to cancel at any time with no questions asked.

The Advantages Of Having Salehoo Far Out Way The Disadvantages 

1. Of course Salehoo Wholesaler Directory is a big plus, but the help and extensive training is unmatched. That’s what I and so many others love most about Salehoo. They won’t just leave you hanging. You’ll be able to learn the real end’s and outs about selling online.

2. Help and Support

Unlike when you join some other online programs your seemingly left to figure things out on your own. Salehoo offers all the support you need to get started and be successful.

Marketing Research Labs

I’m sure you’ll love this as much as I do. Salehoo gives you full access to their Market Research Labs, which is great when you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start. The best part the Marketing Research Lab’s will help you find high volume selling products with low competition. This is a very powerful and useful tool all by itself.


With all the great products, tools, and resources. Offered makes Salehoo a must have if you’re serious about selling online.

My Salehoo Review

Your Comments, Questions, and Concerns

Please feel free to leave your comments, questions, and concerns, concerning my Salehoo Review. I hope my Salehoo Review is helpful to you. I wrote my Salehoo Review, because I think it’s a fantastic way to get started in business online.

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7 Best Customer Retention Strategies

7 Best customer Retention Strategies For Your Business

7 Best Customer Retention Strategies to increase company longevity.

Best Customer retention strategies

Turning your one time buying customer into a life long one should be your main goal. After all it means longevity for your business.

Customer Comprehension

The more you get to know and understand your customer the easier it will be sell to them and to keep selling to them. As I mentioned above bringing long term profit into your business should be your ULTIMATE GOAL.

No let’s discuss some of the most common mistakes when people try to promote products and services as well as the correct strategy that should be used

  • Stop Looking at Your Customer as Just Another Dollar 

Yes, that’s the key goal to get your customers to buy from you. By remembering that your customers are real people. People with thoughts. Opinions, feelings, and emotions. Remembering that fact would bring much more success to your business.

  • Don’t Make Assumptions

Stop trying to sell customers something that they don’t want and probably don’t need, just to make a sell. By reaching your customer and getting to know what them. Getting to know their wants and need. Having real knowledge of your customers problems, questions, and concerns. Than providing them with the best solutions to those problems, is how you retain a customers loyalty.

  • Not Appealing to Your Customer a Imagination

By nature we are very visual being’s. We love to see, touch, taste, and feel things. Having an online website vs a physical business, you’re not afforded that luxery of having customers walk into your actual business.

You’re not able to give demonstrations, your customers are not able to sample, or try on your product, or touch, and feel it.

So you have to work a little harder to appeal to their imagination. Sense they can’t come to the product you have to bring the product to them.

  • Clear, Quality, Expressive, Images

Capture the essence of your product in ways that will intrigue your customers imagination. Capture different angles of your product in good lighting. Choose nice backgrounds and scenery for your images. Remember it’s all about your presentation.

  • Textual Description

Write your product descriptions with EXITMENT and ENTHUSIASM. If your excited and enthused about your product or offer there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get your customers excited about it as well.

  • Concentrate on the Key Points and Benefits

Before customers spend money on products they want to know how it’s going to benefit them. Point in extreme detail how having this great product you have is going to help your customers.

  • Pointing The Products Key Features and Extras

People love features besides the benefits of a product (the product during what it actually supposed to do). Customers always love to get more their money. Don’t forget to use Bullet Points when pointing out the products Benefits and Features.

Remember to use enticing Headlines, increase your Font Size, and remember to leave a lot of white space. Customers gravity to descriptions that are easy to scan with the key points and benefits well highlighted.

Customer retention strategies

  •  Wooing The Customer With a Background Story

Telling a little story about the people or person that produced the product is a great way to humanize and bring credibility to the product or offer. Knowing a little background of the person or company behind the product, builds trust.

Customer retention strategies
Happy Customer

More Important Facts to Keep In Mind About Your Customers

  1. No matter how attractive the offer a customer usually have to view the product at least (7 Times) before making the decision to purchase
  2. If people don’t trust you no matter how good the product or service. If you don’t first build trust in your customers that not going to spend money on your product or service.
  3. Remember people are exchanging their hard earned money for something that you’re recommending. If if you didn’t make the products you’re representing them to customers. So you’re still responsible for making sure customers are receiving good, quality, products.
  4. Don’t try to SCAM your customers, first of all people aren’t as dumb as you think they are. Most consumer’s can see right through a scam.

Understanding The Customers Research, Decision, and Purchase Phase

The more you understand the stages leading up to customer purchase, the better you’ll be able to approach and better serve your customer and make a sell.

Approaching the Research Phase

Before buying something people more often will research it extensively. Some customers will make impulse buys depending on the product.

Google, Twitter, Facebook, And other Search Engine, and Social Media Channels 

After hearing or finding out about a product on TV, in a Newspaper, Magazine. Or Commercial. They usually turn to Search Engines or Social Media for more information.

In this stage the customer is excited about the product and want to know more about. Catching a customer at this stage and being able to answer their questions efficiently can lead to a sell.

The Decision Phase 

Catching a customer at this phase is a great thing. Your customers have done and completed their research and more than likely are ready to buy.


At this point you have the fish on the hook and all you have to do is reel them in.

Hearing from others that have tried the product and are enjoying it’s benefits can greatly influence a customers decision.

Your Questions and Comments

Please if you have any questions or comments on these 7 Best Customer Retention Strategies please feel free to share them in the comments area below.


I hope this Article on 7 Best Customer Retention Strategies is informative to you. I’m sure if you’d implement these 7 best customer retention strategies into your business you’ll get some great results.
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How To Build A High Traffic Website

Wondering How To Build A High Traffic Website In No Time?

Wondering how to build a high traffic Website or Blog? If you’re answer is yes, than you definitely should keep reading.

How to build a high traffic website in no time

Good Quality Content

I think I need to say that one more time, because I want to make extra sure that it sink’s in.

“Good Quality Content!”

What is content you ask? (Don’t worry there is no such thing as a dumb question here.) I’m going to give you the Wikipedia Definition of Web Content, so that no one can say that I got it wrong.

Web Content (Wikipedia by Wikipedia Definition)

Web Content is Textual, Visual, or Aural Content, that’s encountered as a part of the user experience on a Website.

Actually I couldn’t have said it better myself.  🙂 Now let’s break that down a little.

Textual Content

If you if you like to research and write about things that most interest you, than textual content may vary be your way to go. Choosing something you’re passionate about makes researching and writing about it easy and sharing your thoughts and ideas can actually be so much fun.

Visual Content

Maybe your a photographer or just take pictures as a hobby. You could build a content rich website sharing your work. You could also earn a lucrative income companies are always buying pictures. The best part is these days you don’t even have to be a professional Photographer to make money selling pics.

  • Artist or Painter

If you’re someone who likes to Paint or Draw, sharing your work on your website can be a fantastic we to gain awareness, network, and sell your work.

  • Crafty and Love Making Things

Rather you Sew, Crochet, make your own clothes, or beautiful things to decorate the house. You can find someone interested in what you’ve made online.

Aural Content

Having a Website is also a fabulous way to introduce yourself and gain awareness for your Music or Beats. Singing, Creating Beat’s, or Something in Animation, believe or not you can find an audience for it online. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is visit YouTube.

Fresh, New, & Interesting, Content is key to building a high traffic website

How to build a high traffic website
How To Build A High Traffic Website

Yes, I’m being very repetitive when it comes to the subject, but only, because it is that important. Without good, quality ORIGINAL content is essential to a Successful Website.


Are another essential part to building a high traffic website. Having an idea of what people are searching for when they sit down and type words into Google, gives you an excellent chance of reaching that customer.

Good Keywords and Quality Content will lead  to Success.

How do you choose good   keywords? I have to admit I don’t have this down to a perfect science, but thanks to becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliates. I know more about choosing the keywords than I’ve ever had in the past. I’ll tell you a little more about Wealthy Affiliate in a minute.

Now back to the subject at hand, choosing the right Keywords. You want to choose that are highly relevant to your niche and build your site around low hanging fruit keywords.

Keywords with a QSR of (100) is considered a low hanging fruit keyword. Keywords with low competition.

Building your website targeting these type of low keywords will get ranked in Google for that particular keyword. The best part you ask? You will not only rank for your chosen keyword, but other high traffic and high competition keywords that you weave into your website.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on keywords, but I will be writing a future post that will get into keywords in more detail.

Before I go as promised I do want to tell you a little bit more about Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re just starting out or have been trying and failing at this like I was before joining Wealthy Affiliates.

  • 24/7 Support from a Community and a Professional Support Team
  • Step By Step Instructions on Building a Website
  • Picking a Niche
  • Writing Content
  • Choosing Keywords
  • Customer Retention

You get this and so much more by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Everything that you need to know about starting and having longevity with your online business is covered in Wealthy Affiliates. Best part is you can get started today for free. Just for joining you get two Free Websites and a host of great Training via their AWESOME Video & Written Tutorials.

 How to build a high traffic websiteThought’s, Questions, and Comments

Please feel free to leave your questions, thought’s, and Comments Below. I’ll try to answer all questions at the Best of my Ability.

Content mixed with the right keywords is the way that you build a high traffic website and if you need any help all of us at Wealthy Affiliates is waiting to welcome and help you with anything you need. I hope this article on How To Build A High Traffic Website was helpful.


It takes good  content and implementing the right customer retention strategies is the key to how you build a high traffic website for life. Like I’d mentioned above if you really want to learn how to build a high traffic website for life and everything else you need to know about creating a successful business online Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start. $0 to check out the system and only $19 for the first month if you decide to upgrade. Then only $47 per month.

You’ll learn step by step how to build a high traffic website for life as well as everything to get you and keep you in business.

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